Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Builder

 He's the one that was endowed with the creative and energetic gene. The Builder loves it when he gets to do anything that remotely resembles an art project. Whether it's making his own Play Doh world, coloring eggs or painting with toothpicks - - he's excited about it!

He's also FULL of energy.
Really full.
Like oozing out of every pore full!

The Builder is the one who is prone to make the silly face.
Back then at his K graduation - - -
and now - - - April 2012!

 Books were a constant companion of his long before he met phonics. His world changed once he could read. Now, I often pry him out of pages, and he's fast becoming a walking encyclopedia. 
 This guy loves birthdays and holidays of all kinds. The park, a crazy car ride or the fair involve motion, so he's ready to be there. He's easily amused - too easily. Just like his mother! The Builder is also known to give more hugs, kisses and compliments than any other young man residing here. He loves to do special things for me such as making breakfast on Mother's Day. :-)
I think what fascinates us the most is the way his mind works! He is often found building some contraption with numerous toys and rolling marbles through the maze of items. Legos, train tracks, dominoes. . . there is no limit to what he'll use.
His brain thrives on gears and machines.
By the time he's seen a short demonstration,
 he can usually tell me how the entire piece works.
I can't wait until he can handle some tools!
I think the Builder and I are going to come up with some pretty cool creations.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Easy as pie"

I have my mother to thank for this easy/pretty/yummy recipe -
three aspects which make a dish appealing to me.

Candy Bar Pie:
~ 1 - 8 pack snack sized candy bar package
(We usually throw in an extra 1 or 2 little bars or 1 regular sized bar.)
~ 1 - 8 oz package of cream cheese
~ 1 - 8 oz container of whipped topping
~ Chocolate pie crust (I usually buy a prepared one.)

Some may have dignified ways of crushing candy pieces,
but at our house which is teeming with energetic boys,
we smash them with hammers. :-)
It's a great way to expend energy and promote good hammer use!

Just remember to wash the end of your hammer in case it has:
1. Brought down innocent trees in the woods behind your house.
2. Driven nails and misc objects into unsuspecting trees.
3. Participated in the demise of numerous forest bugs!

That probably doesn't happen at your home. . .

Back to the recipe - - -

Beat the softened cream cheese -
later adding the thawed whipped topping.
Empty all but two candy bar wrappers into the mixture
and beat again.

Scoop all contents into pie shell (leaving a few spoonfuls to sample!)
and garnish with leftover candy bar pieces.
I prefer to give it a good 5-6 hours in the fridge before serving.
A Castle Haven favorite -
especially since kids are able to make this recipe!
 It'll snag you favorable compliments anywhere you take the dish;
Just be prepared to bring an empty pie plate home!
Enjoy! :-)

Monday, April 9, 2012

To market, to market. . .

I have a weakness for farmer's markets,
and there's one not too far from my parents' house in PA.
I have frequented this place almost every Friday that I've ever visited.
This market has blessed me with fruits/veggies,
hot pretzels, piping hot fries loaded with salt,
flat Coke (only once!),
Amish bread/pecan rolls,
and Amish made donuts that were loaded with calories.
I'm not there to worry about my health or eating habits;
I save that for the other six days of the week.

As I strolled through last Friday, I realized that it could easily be my last visit for a very long time. 
So, I snapped and snapped photos.
Maybe they'll help me recall the sights,
the smells, and the flavors.
At least memories don't have calories!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

the lady

I am a lady surrounded by five handsome males,
and I love it!
My life is a very full one that is solely devoted to
creating a haven for my men. . .
I am linked with this incredible guy.

I am privileged to currently hold the spot
as the most influential woman in four
young lives.

I am a home educator.

I love being in the kitchen (minus the dishes!!).
If it involves bread or chocolate - I'm there.
Flowers excite me - especially those brought by my men.

I can never get enough of the outdoors.
I love water and trees.
Trees and water.
Waterfalls and more trees.
Oceans and forests.

I am happiest when spending time with my little family.

I love to laugh! :-)
Oh, how I looove to laugh.
And snicker. And giggle. Belly laugh.
I am easily amused. Too easily!
I love to smile.

Chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite fruit.

I cannot remember a time when I didn't love to read.
Biographies and autobiographies are favorites.
I love learning about people and how they live.
Board games are a favorite - especially if they involve words.
I am fascinated with history.

My hands are thrilled when in the middle of a decorating project! I love to decorate and break the rules when it comes to finishing a room. Pink is my favorite color although it rarely finds its way into my house.

Cleaning and organization are passions of mine.
I am an organizational nerd who likes to find a place for everything!
With the presence of The Tornado and our current tiny house,
my organizational nerve has been rather tested of late!

I am a cleaning nerd.
Laundry is a duty I enjoy.
I am a list and schedule nerd.

I power walk four mornings a week.
It makes me think I'm a little bit in shape.
(It also helps to counteract my favorite fruit.)
My relaxation favorites are sitting by water or getting my hair combed.
I dislike coffee.
Love to eat Oreos and Reese's followed by apples and carrot/celery sticks.
Someday I will learn to play tennis.
(Then I will be able to eat more of my favorite fruit.)
The piano is also an intense passion of mine.
I'd rather play by ear than sightread.
Did I mention that I love to organize?! :-)

Someday in my future  - -
I want to own a colored piano!