Friday, July 20, 2012

My hallowed ground

 Trees and I have a pretty special bond. Can't explain why. . . I. Just. Love. Trees. 
Three years ago, hubby did an awesome job bringing me to such a beautiful spot, and these woods have become my hallowed ground.
They were in a full blown green of summer when I first laid eyes on them, and we've been in love ever since!

Fall came and brought me fresh love.

My heart was blue when the green, orange, red, and yellow were
whisked away,
but the beautiful snow brought fresh love.

No leaves did have the consolation of more skies.

Spring returned, and I kept wandering to the window.
Every morning I'd watch new life and new changes.
Fresh love again.
 I'll miss my trees.
       They've seen the best and worst of me.
  They've kept me company as I miserably sat pregnant with nausea.
They kept me cool as I watched boys dig for critters and build forts.
    They've brought me peace as I've gazed at them for hours.
They've made the world seem right with their rustling.
         They've shaded me as I walked with a sleeping baby.
  Most of all they've hidden my tears and hours of prayer.
I'll miss my trees -  my hallowed ground.

Those woods have also produced many bouquets from admiring little men.
Bouquets prettier than anything a florist could deliver.
 And they were usually delivered by chubby hands
with dirt between the fingers.
 My favorite.