Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter on the windowsill
(Camera date went wacky. It was 3/24/12. :-)

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Outdoorsman

Ahh - - the Little Man that is not so little. He started out as a preemie, and now at four years is as big as a six year old. He's the outgoing funny boy who keeps us in stitches! His expressions, body language, eye movements are all priceless and most of the time hilarious. His laugh is one of the most contagious, and I live for it to happen. It brightens any day!
He loves to help in the kitchen - especially if dough is involved!

He is terrified of mascots, and it amuses the rest of his family to tears.
You should see him when the Chick-Fil-A cow arrives!!
He says he'll like him when he's "five."

He's the best little soldier and and is often found toting a toy gun. He lives in "John Deere" shirts (supplied by my sister) and "hunter" (camo) pants. Seriously lives in them. I pry them off for church, but by the time we get home his first words are usually, "May I wear a John Deere shirt and hunter pants?" He's the Outdoorsman of the family living for hunting and fishing opportunities! He can't wait until he's bigger so he can "hunt" all the time.

The Tornado

We call him the "Tornado."
Yep - he's at that stage!
 He's just starting to expand his vocabulary,
and it's so fun to watch him learn.
He loves Curious George.
Books. Trains. Basketball. Football.
He's already figured out how to make the "gun" noise while carrying a weapon.
The car noise is down pat, too. He even matches pitch with the vacuum. :-)
He loves fruit and is often found wandering around the yard and woods while munching an apple.
All of the apple including the seeds. He wastes nothing!
He is often found consuming large amounts of Play Doh, and it probably followed an appetizer of crayons.
He is quite tiny compared to our other boys at this age, and it constantly amuses me to find him in the middle of mischief only to watch him make a beeline for the first escape route when I arrive. He holds the record for tearing up a patch faster than any of the other males!
 He loves to roam in the outside world, has no fear, and will taste many random and nasty things. Ick!

He also gives the sweetest hugs and has an entire fan club!