Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Builder

 He's the one that was endowed with the creative and energetic gene. The Builder loves it when he gets to do anything that remotely resembles an art project. Whether it's making his own Play Doh world, coloring eggs or painting with toothpicks - - he's excited about it!

He's also FULL of energy.
Really full.
Like oozing out of every pore full!

The Builder is the one who is prone to make the silly face.
Back then at his K graduation - - -
and now - - - April 2012!

 Books were a constant companion of his long before he met phonics. His world changed once he could read. Now, I often pry him out of pages, and he's fast becoming a walking encyclopedia. 
 This guy loves birthdays and holidays of all kinds. The park, a crazy car ride or the fair involve motion, so he's ready to be there. He's easily amused - too easily. Just like his mother! The Builder is also known to give more hugs, kisses and compliments than any other young man residing here. He loves to do special things for me such as making breakfast on Mother's Day. :-)
I think what fascinates us the most is the way his mind works! He is often found building some contraption with numerous toys and rolling marbles through the maze of items. Legos, train tracks, dominoes. . . there is no limit to what he'll use.
His brain thrives on gears and machines.
By the time he's seen a short demonstration,
 he can usually tell me how the entire piece works.
I can't wait until he can handle some tools!
I think the Builder and I are going to come up with some pretty cool creations.

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  1. God bless Ethan! May he devote all that energy and creativity in doing great things for the Lord! (And maybe someday he'll build a beautiful home for his dad and mom!) Love & hugs to all of you. -- Mom & Grandma C