Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Home ideas for the stranded decorator

 "Whether you're a one-stop shopper, bargain hunter, or impulse buyer, you know the thrill of shopping the aisles of mass-market stores and finding a great decorating buy."
 How's that for a great beginning line?! It gets better. :-)
"To make sense of all that good merchandise, we created Style By The Aisle, a directory of 15 decorating styles that walks the home furnishings aisles of mass-market stores, pulls items from shelves, and organizes them into distinctive and personal looks you create yourself."

Over time I think just about every home decor book in the local library finds its ways into my hands. This one was so different I wanted to share it with gals who feel "lost" in the process of decorating their dwellings. I've had friends mention that they're not sure what they really like or how to create a look/atmosphere. If you're in that category, this book is a great tool for you!

It has fifteen different styles. Several of them being:
1. Utility Chic
2. China Blue
3. New Country
4. Isle Style
5. Schoolhouse
6. Greenhouse

Each look is accompanied by "Keys to the Style" along with
numerous color photos

Ahhh. . .details.
They even load you with "details."

And not to leave you stranded,
you'll find pages with ideas for
color, pattern, texture,
window treatments, soft furnishings,
tabletop furnishings,

Grab yourself a copy here and enjoy!
 Happy decorating.

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