Sunday, May 6, 2012

Karate Chop Cake


We're blessed to live next door to a single gal who frequently brings baked items. Apparently we're great "testers." I try to share lots of them with my family. I really do!

One of her latest creations was a chocolate cake with an ingredient that added an extra "kick" to it. Her's had a slight "kick" as she called it. I took a shot at baking it, and mine ended up with a full blown karate chop!

First, let's discuss the icing.
It was store-bought/in-a-can-frosting which is almost against my religion. I did not know it at the time or I may have been a bit skeptical of the taste. Sorry. I'm all about icing, and it shouldn't come in a can!
Anywho, I noticed the icing was two shades of white, but it was so yummy I was dying to ask her what it was. She had started out with one can and ran out. The grocery store closest to our houses didn't carry the same kind so she was stuck buying another brand. In the end, I liked the double color and the combined taste. Shocking of me! Canned icing. What's this world coming to. . .

It was a breeze to cram the icing into a bag and swirl around the top! I had fun using Wilton's 1M for big roses and another smaller tip for swirls. It's a shame I'm not more fond of canned frosting; my life would be much easier. :-)
 Enough on the outside!
The neighbor's "kicking" ingredient is cayenne pepper! It may not surprise you, but that wasn't exactly what I paired with a chocolate cake! She had always made ours with 1/4 of a teaspoon but told me of adding one entire teaspoon to another friends'.
Silly me thought I'd try the entire teaspoon. Silly me who isn't very fond of kicking food. Silly me who'd prefer to eat tame things like bread or chocolate covered strawberries. Silly me.

Another important part of the baking process is sampling batter. :-) Uh - huh! I think there was a little bit of batter in that cayenne pepper! Wow. Oh, wow! It karate chopped me in the mouth and stomach! I think I had indigestion all afternoon.

Long story short - some of us loved it. Some of us didn't. Some of us went to bed with queasy bellies. Some of us didn't. Some want me to try it again. Some of us don't.

It does add a fun twist,
but I think I'll stick with 1/2 tsp next time.
Chocolate cake is more enjoyable when you're not concentrating on the karate chopping!
I think I'd just prefer a little nudge!


  1. Sounds wonderful! Your presentation is beautiful as usual...miss my neighbor!

    1. I miss you too, Linda! Wish we lived closer.

  2. I really am sorry about your tummy, but it was kind of funny.

    1. I learned a good lesson that day! :-)